eCommerce Category

Our Cart For Pros software is a cutting-edge ecommerce software

Product Catalog features:
  • Unlimited number of products
  • Unlimited number of categories
  • Unlimited categories nesting
  • Bulk product addition/modifying
  • Bulk category addition/modifying
  • Custom META tags for product/category pages
  • Featured products list
  • Cross selling
  • Enabling/disabling products and categories with one click
  • Membership based access for every category/product
Product Details:
  • Unlimited product options w/optional surcharges
  • Product options can be presented as dropdown selectbox, radio buttons group, checkbox or text input.
  • HTML enriched product short and full descriptions
  • Custom META tags for each product page
  • Manageable product manufacturers list
  • Related products list
  • Unlimited product images
  • Product large image popup
  • Full product stock control
  • 'List Price' and 'Our Price' options
  • Wholesale trade
  • Enabling/disabling product inventory control
Shipping & Tax:
  • UPS, FedEx & USPS real-time calculations
  • Unlimited custom delivery methods/destinations
  • Restrict shipping by location
  • Customers can choose delivery methods
  • Customizable tax calculation
  • Product-specific taxes
Payment Gateways & Methods:
  • Full list of offline payment methods: Checks, purchase orders, phone orders and others
  • Real-time credit card processing: please to get more info about your payment processor
Web-based administrative panel:
  • Add multiple items (products, categories, static pages, etc) by one click
  • File browser and template editor use AJAX technologies
  • Password-protected administrative access
  • Configure every aspect of your e-commerce site in realtime
  • Integrated database backup/restore tool
  • Quick and easy add/modify/delete multiple products
  • Quick and easy add/modify/delete multiple categories
  • Organize your webshop informational part
  • Unlimited number of admin accounts
Customer Care:
  • Integrated configurable store search
  • Password reminder for customers
  • Customers can view order history
  • Customer memberships and special pricing
  • Membership based access to the informational part
  • 'Continue shopping' button
  • 'Clear cart' button
  • Customer can edit product options directly in the cart
  • All orders are stored securely in a MySQL database
  • Full HTTPS/SSL support
  • Secure HTTPS/SSL administrative access/checkout
  • Encrypted customer data
  • Password-protected administrative access
Search Engine Optimization:
  • Custom keywords for products and categories pages
  • Custom meta description for products and categories pages
  • Custom keywords for content pages
  • Custom meta description for content pages
  • Generation of static HTML product catalog
  • Site map generation
Web Design & Layout:
  • Category and product thumbnails
  • Category and product detailed images
  • Catalog page
  • Mini-cart presence on all pages
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Addition of custom content pages via administrator interface
Repeat Customer Accommodation:
  • Cart content is stored in database
  • Each customer can have unlimited number of profiles
  • Registered customer can edit his account details at any time
  • Register customer can view his orders history