How we work

Business Consultation

We consult and discuss what we can do for you. Meet our web design team and get website analysis on your current website and competitors. Through the discussions and market surveys, we can establish clear goals and achievable objectives for the greatest business website.

Web Data Research/Planning

We do thorough online research, investigate and collect all necessary information regarding the newest website and software for you and suggest a layout of our plan and proposal. To do so, our web data research team collaborate ideas, gather requirements and set marketing and creative strategy to build and grow your business online.

New Website Plan Proposal

You can free suggest changes or modifications to the first web design proposal we hand. We confidently suggest a Web design layout and whole website draft reflecting your feedback and and apply it as much as possible. We will always listen to our client's needs and wants in order to get the most satisfactory outcome.

Website Information Development

Collect information, contents and all resources for your website and organize them with consistency to fit the whole concept of your business website. This is one of the most important part of e-Marketing. Contents on your website must be creatively and directly established and our content writing team will take care of it.

Website Design

Get a theme and layout for the website. Establishing a right theme attracts viewers and fits your business is the most fun part of web development. Also, a theme should support your brand identity and philosophy. Our professonal web designers will always be happy to get you what you look for.

Website Development

Website development is always exciting. We develop and design the website while keeping communicating with you for your satisfaction in every details. From hosting and application setup, HTML/CSS/JS/Flash development, cross browser optimization and to testing, we sets up the CMS or E-commerce platform and the most advanced ecommerce solutions.

Website Launch

Test the website and launch it. By the first launch, we review design, process and every details on the website with you and get it approved. During this process, we communicate with our clients and also give them a support training if requested.

Online Marketing & SEO

Online marketing, especially search engine optimization(SEO) for the website is the most crucial part of boosting your revenue. We optimize the website for internet marketing and evaluate it. Our internet marketing team leverage search engines, email, interactive, banners, mobile, analytics and all other internet marketing campaigns. Our eyes are always open to new e-marketing trend. More importantly, we do not just follow the trend but always try to make your website lead the trend.

Maintenance & Hosting

Maintain and administrate a website. Setting a website is not only it. Updating, maintaining, keeping a web and information secured, and supporting features. On top of that, our dedicated hosting service always guarantee your website's stability and safety. You will be contacted within 24 business hours regarding any issue with your website.