Hardware Solutions

Pros for Pros can configure a system to meet your needs. From tablets to network infrastructure, we find the right combination of features and price. We research new trends and maintain connections with a wide range of hardware manufacturers and distributors to make sure we can find just what you need, when you need it.

We’re aligned with the leading technologies in the IT Industry

At Pros for Pros, we believe that any IT infrastructure or IT systems are at their most effective when all of the elements work perfectly with each other. With the ever-increasing choice of components and devices, and the cross-over in the function that they fulfil, effective system design has become just as much an art as it is a science. And keeping track of new developments is a full time role in its own right.

Thankfully, when you choose to work with Pros for Pros, you’re tapping into the expertise of a dedicated team of hardware and software professionals. And unlike many IT support companies who have little or no experience in software applications, we really do understand the potential impact of even the most simple hardware or system fix on your critical applications be it for servers, backups and disaster recovery or network devices.

That’s why we’re confident that the more elements of your system we manage, the more likely it is that we can deliver the reliability, availability, performance and security your business needs.

Five C’s of IT infrastructure


Regardless of the size of your business, the network estate that provides the platform for your critical business applications will continue to grow as you add devices to support mobility (not forgetting the challenge of BYOD) and increase efficiency and take advantage of technologies such as virtualisation to improve business continuity or achieve potential savings.


As the trend continues towards simplification of the user environment, what’s happening in the background of almost all IT systems is becoming increasingly complex.


None of the elements of your system operates in isolation and that means it’s essential that you have the right combination of components, correctly configured and to ensure that the applications and software underpinned by your technology platform are performing to best effect.

Conflicts = Cost

It’s a simple equation and one that can be difficult to avoid, especially if you’re not fully aware and in control of what’s happening across your system. And that’s where Pros for Pros comes into it’s own.