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Image for Cretouch

Cretouch is a ecommerce business that mostly sells mobile equipment accessories such as cell-phone cases and iphone cases.

Korea Pros

Image for Korea Pros

KoreaPros is the largest and most comprehensive job information portal for students and talented professionals who wish to work with South Korean companies.

Audrey Shops

Image for Audrey Shops

Audreyshops is an exclusive online boutique for all the shop savvy women out there offering a special sale on clothing, handbags, accessories and lifestyle products.

Alton US

Image for Alton US

Alton Sports is fast growing business that imports and exports sports equipment especially bikes in existing markets, and now USA market.

I Love Marilyn

Image for I Love Marilyn

ILoveMarilyn is a ecommerce corporation that is specialized in both women’s and men’s shirts printed with Marilyn Monroe’s features.

Paul Cheng Law

Image for Paul Cheng Law

Paul Cheng Law is a prestigious law firm located in Pasadena, CA. The Law Offices of Paul P. Cheng was started with one goal: Client satisfaction. “We put our money where our mouth is.”

Fun Chop

Image for Fun Chop

Funchop was created by a father who recognized the need for an alternative method in utilizing chopsticks for his children. Funchop is easy to use, affordable and better yet, up to date with the trend. We are re-inventing dining experience worldwide, now let us re-design yours!

Ink and Toner For Dummies

Image for Ink and Toner For Dummies

Green Project, Inc. is the exclusive licensee of the For Dummies® brand for developing and marketing inkjet and toner cartridges. It’s an international imaging supplier with offices based in Europe, China and the United States.

The Looks Store

Image for The Looks Store

The Look Store is one of the best online fashion businesses that not only sells fashion products from top celebrity and designer boutiques to accessories but also publishes helpful and interesting information on new fashion trends.

KOTRA Los Angeles

Image for KOTRA Los Angeles

KOTRA (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency) is a non-profit, governmental agency of Republic of Korea committed to promoting international trade and investment. KOTRA Los Angeles KBC (Korean Business Center), as part of KOTRA’s worldwide network of over 100 offices in 70 countries, offers a wide variety of initiatives to support U.S. clients.

  • Business Matchmaking: KOTRA is dedicated to assist and support U.S. companies who wish to do business with Korean companies. We regularly arrange large-scale Korean products shows in U.S. and arrange participation of Korean companies in U.S. trade shows/events. We also promote Korean companies who wish to expand its market to U.S. with Business Incubation Service and Marketing/Sales Activities in order to help U.S. buyers to get quality products at the most competitive prices. Click here to see our current event schedule.
  • Investment Consulting: KOTRA provides customized professional services to support the entry and successful establishment of foreign companies in Korea from investment consultations to follow-up management. Click here to find out more about how to invest in Korea.
  • Job Opportunities in Korea: KOTRA helps individuals equipped with specific knowledge and experience in professional academic fields to find right positions in South Korea. Click here to find out more about working in Korea.

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